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Urban Rec Australia Turns 10
Nov 29

Urban Rec Australia Turns 10

November 29, 2021 - 8 months ago

Happy Birthday to us! 

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Returning to sport with us

September 20, 2021 - 10 months ago

Return to sport, what does it look like!!?

Do we need to be vaccinated to play? 
The state government are imposing mandatory double vaccination for participation, making it illegal for unvaccinated members to participate in sports & recreation.We are working to ensure we have QR codes at every venue/field/oval etc to enable our members to check in for all games, this ensures we are meeting the government guidelines, and keeping you safe. Just as Pubs, cafes, restaurant etc have been doing for a while now.

When are we coming back? 
After analysing the most recent information provided by The NSW government, it is our aim to resume/launch leagues as soon as 70% statewide vaccination rate has been achieved. Our current programming has estimated this to happen around October 18. Key thing to note is the classification of “Adult Recreational Sport” vs “Community Club Sport”. Urban Rec is classified as an Adult Recreational Sports Provider, not a community sport club. The reason it is vital to differentiate between the two is the participation demographic. Urban Rec does not provide sport to Juniors/Children.State & Federal government health officials have deemed the return of community sport as higher risk due to the perceived dangers of high volumes of unvaccinated minors/juniors gathering to play sport. Hence the delayed return for schools and community sport.Urban Rec does not have the same perceived risk as community sport as all members are adults (18+) and each member will have to check in via QR code, which we expect will also include verified vaccination proof.

How will leagues be different?
 In addition to this, all gatherings (both indoor and out) will be kept to group size of maximum 20 members with the 4sqm rule never to be exceeded. (our sports field/courts provide much more than 4sqm per member, as we have to allow for player movement, for example using a netball courts dimensions and the 4sqm rule would allow 112 players, we allow 14.) Urban Rec will maintain all other previous measures including cleanliness of kits. 

I was playing with Urban Rec when we went into lockdown, what is happening to my games? 
If you were a current and participating member, your games will be scheduled to go ahead in line with Public Health Orders, and new personal Covid restrictions. There is a chance due to venue and facility availability, we will need to change locations for some of our leagues. Your schedule may be subject to change in the future as we welcome some new teams to join into your league if capacity allows. 

What if some of my teammates are not vaccinated? Can they still play when leagues recommence? 
This decision is going to be taken out of our hands and will be part of NSW Public Health Orders. The short answer is, no. You should look to replace these team members, and contact your League Manager if you have any issues. 

What if some of my teammates are not double vaccinated, can they still play when leagues recommence? 
This is something we are waiting on NSW Health to confirm and provide clarity on. 

I was not playing previously, but I would like to start -
Great! We have new leagues starting in October, November and December,  and there will be opportunities to join existing leagues where capacity allows us to get as many eligible members playing sport in a safe and social environment. 

Any questions please contact [email protected]
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Covid Response - August 2021 Update

August 26, 2021 - one year ago

UPDATED August 26

The NSW Government announced this morning that Regional NSW will be in further lockdown until September 10. This unfortunately means that we are unable to play sport until this date. Leagues have been put on hold until September 10 and schedules have been updated to show this.

We will be recommencing our Winter leagues to start September 13 and our Spring leagues are scheduled to start in later October.

Once the Government end the lockdown in Regional NSW, we will get in contact with all our Winter league participants.

UPDATED August 19

As you would have heard, Newcastle and all of Regional NSW is in lockdown until at least August 28.

Leagues have been put on hold until then and we are planning to play all games that have been scheduled for the winter season as soon as we are out of lockdown.

Once the Government clarify the end of lockdown for the Newcastle Region, we will then get in contact with you about when our winter leagues will be re-starting.

June 2021

While we are in Newcastle, we recognize there are a lot of people commute to Sydney for work or leisure, and due to the spike in COVID cases seen in the recent days in the Greater Sydney Region, we wanted to take a moment to explain our stance and response.

First off, please recognize that we are constantly monitoring the situation, and we are taking all of our directives from the State and Federal Governments and health agencies. This is a fluid issue that we are reacting and responding to with the best of our ability based on available information.


  • We will continue to be diligent with our COVID Clean Policy at all of our leagues.
  • During this period of uncertainty, we will not be issuing any Default Fees, as we respect each member’s choice as to whether or not they choose to take part in their game(s). That said, we do kindly ask that if you or your team are not planning to play in your game, you give us as much notice as possible to we can try to coordinate a friendly game for your opposition.
  • If the situation changes, we will react accordingly and will inform you ASAP.


  • Be diligent with your personal hygiene.
  • If you are feeling unwell, do not show up.
  • Do not attend our games if you have been in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains or Woollongong areas in the last 14 days.
  • If you have been to any of the locations listed by NSW Health, act accordingly.
  • Notify us ASAP if you are not coming to your game.

Thank you for your understanding!

Urban Rec

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4 PINES Charlestown
Jul 27

4 PINES Charlestown

July 27, 2021 - one year ago

Clubhouse/Sponsor Insight – 4 PINES

This year we started a new clubhouse partnership with 4 Pines Bar in Charlestown. The guys there are super keen to support community sport and totally vibe our ethos of playing sport, socialising and having fun.

The bar at Charlestown is wicked! It’s an awesome beer garden situated in The Corner at Charlestown Square surrounded by food vendors. You can order your food from any of the vendors in The Corner and then bring it back to enjoy in the beer garden. From Spring to Summer they also have live musicans playing every Friday or Saturday night.

As well as providing us with awesome giveaways at our events, they also offer all Urban Rec members 20% off at the bar. Next time your at Charlestown Square, grab a beverage and mention your an UR member to get your discount.

Their current promo is Free Delivery to surrounding suburbs. Sneak a peak at the promo they are running and enter 4 Pines family at the check out to get it delivered for FREE. HOW GOOD!?


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6 Week Leagues
Jul 21

6 Week Leagues

July 21, 2021 - one year ago

If you missed out on the start of the Winter season, you couldn’t get your teams act together and get around to registering before many of the leagues sold out well don’t worry you’re in luck! We are offering a 6 Week league for some of our competitions. 

The 6 week competitions are a great way to start your sport journey as you only have to commit to 6 weeks, the weather will start to warm up by the time the competitions start and you’ll be getting that summer body ready in Spring. Perfect!

Below is a list of 6 week leagues we are running at the end of winter.

Alot of these competitions only have 1 – 2 team spots in them and a handful of individual places available. If you’re keen, then either put down a deposit for your team ASAP or sign up as an individual below all the places go.

Click the link and register!

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Winter Blues

June 24, 2021 - one year ago

The Winter Blues are here and many people might be experienceing them already. Some people may be feeling a little down, lacking energy, changed sleeping patterns, struggling to get out of bed. The cooler months make us want to hibenate and wish the 3 months will fly by. 

It’s important to keep a routine through winter and make sure your body is active or you will undo all the hard work you put in to your health and fitness in Summer and Autumn this year.

Playing sport

  • Allows the brain to release hormones like adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, which can help make you feel happy.
  • Continues to tone and develop muscle strength through sport. If going to the gym is a drag, playing in a team sport does heaps for your cardio and muscle strength.
  • Connect with friends in your team on a weekly basis. 
  • Commit and make yourself accountable. When you sign up to a team you will make sure that you are there everyweek for your team.

Tip for teams: If your team is currently playing an outdoor sport and are really not feeling like playing outside again in Winter, then join one of the many indoor sports we have running. You’ll be able to see your mates once a week and keep up your fitness. It’s a win win.

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What is Multisport?
Jun 17

What is Multisport?

June 17, 2021 - one year ago

The most common question we get asked is.. What is Multisport!?

It’s pretty simple really, you play multiple sports across the 10 week competition! There are two types of Multisport competitions that we run. Field Multisport which is played outdoors at Waratah Park and then we have Indoor Multisport which is played Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at Revolution Sports Park in Maryville.

The Multisport competition is for the individual or team that can’t commit or decide on just one sport. You play in the same team each week but your team wil rotate through the changing sports together. 

Indoor Multisport can include the following sports

  • Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor Soccer, Olympic Handball, Backyard Cricket, Benchball, Street Netball, Kickball, Street Basketball, Trampoline Dodgeball, Floor Hockey and Volleyball

Field Multisport can include the following sports

  • Touch Football, Soccer, Aussie Rules, Flag Gridiron, Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball

If you haven’t played sport in a while or are trying to work out which sport you like, then Multisport is your best option. The competition is full of very social people who are all there to have a good time, meet new people and get active doing it.

Have a look at all the multisport competitions we are running this season by clicking this link.

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Winter Leagues
Jun 8

Winter Leagues

June 8, 2021 - one year ago

The winter season isn’t great, we all know that. The best way to beat those winter blues is to commit to a team/sport for the season. It’ll make you accountable to yourself and to your team and on those nights when you don’t feel like getting up off the couch, it will make it all worth it when you are on the court, laughing with your mates and getting fit.

Have a look at all the leagues we are running through Winter and find one that suits you. 





Click the link for each sport and register your team or sign up solo.

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Individual and Team Registration Fees - Winter 2021

June 1, 2021 - one year ago

Urban Rec has increased our prices this season, and we would like to take this opportunity to explain. 

As a club we have not increased our team fees for a year now. In that time every over-head associated with running our leagues and sports club have inflated beyond what is sustainable with the current registration fee rate. Although the fee increase to our members happened from one season to the next, the costs incurred to us as a club has been rising for years.

Individual registration fee:

On average the fee increase for a 10 week season has increased $10 for the entire 10 game season, in other words $1 per game. We have also added the UR Draft that you get free access to. See below for more information about this new program.

Team Registration fee;

The average increase in team fees has been between $80-$90 for the entire 10 week season. If you have a team of 8 people it’s only an increase of $1 – $2 per person per week.

The three most obvious overhead increases are court hire, staffing and insurances.

  • Court hire – Very simply the prices of fields and courts in Newcastle have increased. Venue hire is a competitive market, and these venue’s have a monopoly. We do our best to provide the best venues for you guys, but field and court hire has increased annually. What’s more we are one of the few clubs that will guarentee rained out, forfeited, or missed games are replayed. This is a cost we cost. 
  • Staffing – Our event hosts are paid fairly, and are a valued part of the team. We believe we have the best staff in the business, and we will always continue to reward them for their time and investment. 
  • Insurance  – Without insurance we are legally not allowed to operate, as the leagues grow, the member base grows, so do our insurance premiums. 

Although we are not technically a not-for-profit, our business model is run as such, with all profits re-invested in the club. We rely on volume and return customers - not high profits. 

We are really competitive when it comes to registration fees compared to the vast majority of our Industry. Our mission is to make sport accessible for everyone. 

The other stuff we do as part of your fees? Urban Rec likes to offer all kinds of free or discounted opportunities for our members, things like; UR Awesome, Pub Nights, discounts at clubhouses, free jugs seasonally, Pri-Rego Promo’s, FreePlay nights, and social events (which run without profit also). 


This is another perk that you now get when you sign up as an individual. Each Monday at 5pm we update the draft with a list of individual teams that need players for the season. Check out the link about the UR Draft for more information.

The bottom line is, we truly believe that what we deliver to our members exceeds any of our competitors in the sport and fitness industry – and we will always continue to offer value for money for our members. 

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$100 off for Returning Teams - Priority Registration
May 30

$100 off for Returning Teams - Priority Registration

May 30, 2021 - one year ago



If your team is planning on returning for the Winter season then listen up! Your captain will be sent a link to re-register into the Winter competition on June 14. They will need to register using this link between June 14 – June 21. This secret link will give your team $100 off team registration! Woohoo!


Captains will need to register using the secret link before June 21. If your captain does this, your team will receive $100 off for the Winter Season.


The link your captain will get sent will expire on 21 June at 11:59pm. If your squad isn’t registered by then, you will miss out on the sweet discount.  

If your team misses out on the $100 off you will need to pay full price, SO MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR CAPTAIN TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM.

T&C’s – To be eligible for entry into the priority registration pool, a team must –

  1. Register during priority registration week (June 14 – June 24) – No late comers.
  2. Be registered back into the same league they had played in the season before. (No transfers)
  3. IF using the deposit system, the BALANCE must be paid before end of priority registration week (Mon 21st June )
  4. For any other additional information and FAQs please see HERE.
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