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September 9, 2019 - 9 days ago

We’re launching a whole heap of new sports in Spring, ones which we have never played before so we are giving Novacastrians an opportunity to check them out for FREE before you sign up to the competition. Trust us, you’ll be hooked.

The learn and play events are a great way to learn the skills involved in the sport and also meet our Event Hosts and other members who are thinking of signing up. On the night of the learn and play events you can expect to go through a few drills and skills for the sport and then be placed into a team to play a very social round robin competition. Once the night is over we also like to head to one of our clubhouses afterwards where we can share a drink with our new friends.

What Learn and Play events are on??

Aussie Rules – Wed 25th Sept @ Waratah Park

Flag Gridiron – Wed 25th Sept @ Waratah Park

Backyard Cricket – Fri 27th Sept @ Learmonth Park

Beach Volleyball – Sun 29th Sept @ Nobby’s Beach

Dodgeball – Tues 1st Oct @ Revolution Sports Park

There are limited tickets available for each event so grab a ticket for you and your mate now before they are all gone.

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Sep 2


September 2, 2019 - 15 days ago

At Urban Rec we have a strict ‘No Dickhead Policy’. Social sport is meant to be friendly and fun and somewhere you can go after you’ve finished work for the day to get in a cardio session without having to deal with more drama.

We all know that people have different skill levels when it comes to sport, some are amazing and have a natural flair with the ball or bat whilst some have never played before and are still learning the basics – and THAT IS OK! We strive to provide an environment for all our members where you can play in our league and be the MVP or you can play in our league and be BIP (Best in the Pub), but still have a laugh. We don’t care what level of skill you are as long as you turn up with the right attitude.

For those new to Urban Rec – if you’re not sure if you are a dick when you play social sport- here are a few hints on how to check.

  1. If your teams are winning the game by a lot, this is NOT the time to pull out your hero moves and keep scoring. The opposition will think you are a show-off and odds on most of the time your team will as well.
  2. If you don’t shake the oppositions hand at the end of the game, you’re a dickhead.
  3. Talking back, or questioning our Event Hosts during the game play…. is a dickhead move.
  4. If you see a beginner player, but use this as a chance to show off your skills, you’re in dickhead territory.
  5. If you hurt someone even if it was by accident, do as your Mum taught you, say Sorry. Don’t be a dickhead.

If in doubt – just remember that we are just trying to have fun! 

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Spring Leagues 2019
Aug 19

Spring Leagues 2019

August 19, 2019 - one month ago

With the weather heating up just a little these past couple of weeks, we have already got our eyes on SPRING!!

We are sooo pumped for Spring to hit – longer hours in the day, flowers blooming, shorts and t-shirts, BUT most of all SPRING brings with it a whole heap of new sports to Urban Rec Newcastle. We are launching sports we have never launched before and we are saaaahhhh excited about it! Have a look at all the sports we have on offer and then once you have decided, you can REGISTER A TEAM or REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL.







WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Sign up and strap yourself in for 10 weeks of absolute fun!!

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May 19


May 19, 2019 - 4 months ago

The Knights might be on the verge of great things this season (fingers crossed) but just in case we are let down, we have got the next best thing... Winning your Flag Gridiron competition!! Flag Gridiron has arrived in Newcastle and we want to help you make the switch from one football code to another. 

No experience is necessary to play this game, if you like American Football, enjoy watching the Superbowl or College Football then this is the game for you. A fun, laid back version of Gridiron without the big hits and tight pants.  

Our super friendly Event Host goes through all the rules with each team on the first week and continues to coach players on the rules throughout the season. We want to make sure everyone is welcome and encouraged to play this sport so we make it simple for everyone, whether you’re an expert or never played before. 

We are holding a FREE Learn and Play event Monday June 3rd where you can bring a mate and play Gridiron for free. It is a great way to meet new people, learn the sport and get involved with Urban Rec. Check out the Social Events Page to grab a ticket to this amazing event!  

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Feb 11


February 11, 2019 - 7 months ago

Drum roll please......

Urban Rec has landed in Newcastle. The story is one of sweetness and wonder. If you want to know how we came to Australia, click here. But this is about Newcastle.

Launching in Newcastle was always the next step, with a huge amount of success in Sydney and more recently in Canberra, we realised that recreational sports MUST take a tour north to the pride of the Hunter.

Urban Rec are different because we pride ourselves on making sports accessible to the average Joe, and Joanne. If you haven't played sport since high school, or you're a retiring sports lover whose knees can’t take it anymore, then this is your comp.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we focus on what make sports fun - getting to know your opponents, making friends, being socially active as well as physically. That’s our jam. 

There's other stuff also - there's FUN points and prizes. There's event hosts (not referees), free social events, and there's good humans behind the brand. 

Onwards to the sport. This season we are launching with 5 leagues, and we are also excited to introduce both team and individual registration in all competitions. 

MULTI SPORT – Click to register

Thursday evenings  6 – 9pm @ Revolution Sports Park

Starts March 14

DODGEBALL – Click to register

Tuesday evenings  6 – 8:30pm @ Revolution Sports Park

Starts March 12 

INDOOR BASKETBALL – Click to register

Tuesday evenings  6 – 8:30pm @ YWCA, Cooks Hill

Starts March 12

INDOOR STREET SOCCER – Click to register

Wednesday evenings  6 – 8:30pm @ Revolution Sports Park
Starts March 13

BEACH VOLLEYBALL – Click to register

Sunday afternoons 3 – 5:00pm @ Newcastle Beach
Starts March 17

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and register for a league!

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Individual Registrations
Feb 10

Individual Registrations

February 10, 2019 - 7 months ago

Individual’s are welcome!

New to Newcastle or want to play social sport but don’t have enough mates to create a team?

That is what Urban Rec is here for! We are your social sport gurus with the purpose of getting people out and about, playing sport and having a laugh doing it. With the perfect mix of sport and social activities, Urban Rec is ideal for an individual looking to showcase their sporting prowess but make friends doing so.

You can sign up as an individual and we will place you in a team with other like-minded people! The team will be full of other fun loving, social peeps looking to play sport, who just want to run around and then head to the pub afterwards.

On the first night you’ll just need to introduce yourself to your Event Host (you’ll get emailed closer to the league start date who they are). The EH will introduce you to other members in your team. After that point, you will nominate a captain and operate like a normal team... Your captain will take responsibility of making sure the team has enough players each week. 

If you are trying to register with a friend, make sure you two jump on at the same time to guarantee you get on the same team. 

We have a whole heap of Individual teams starting in March. Be sure to register ASAP as spaces in each team are limited and filling fast!

MULTI SPORTLink to register


Thursday evenings 6 – 9pm @ Revolution Sports Park

League starts March 28, $90 for 10 weeks of fun 

DODGEBALL Link to register


Tuesday evenings 6 – 8:30pm @ Revolution Sports Park

League starts March 12, $90 for 10 weeks

BEACH VOLLEYABLL Link to register


Sunday afternoons 3pm – 5pm @ Newcastle Beach

League starts March 24, $90 for 10 weeks

BASKETBALL Link to register


Tuesday evenings 6 – 8:30pm @ YWCA Cooks Hill

League starts March 27, $90 for 10 weeks

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