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May 4


May 4, 2022 - 25 days ago

The million dollar question, ‘How do I not be a douchebag whilst playing Social Sport’, well it’s simple. Just, don’t! Not being a douchebag is a lot simpler than you think...

Still need some tips? Take a seat in my office, lets talk.

Let’s set the scene shall we..

It’s a nice Summer Thursday night, around 19 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunset & the vibes are immaculate.

🏐We head over to Netball, bibs are on, smiles are on (tip number one: always smile) and the games are getting started. You quite quickly figure out that your opposition are newer to the sport and are still picking up the rules and concept of the game.

  • DO NOT: Show them how it’s done by intercepting every ball, defending at 100%, putting players in positions of strength.
  • DO: Mix up your positions, give them extra space to pass and shoot, encourage them, help them, HAVE FUN WITH THEM.

🏀If we look over to our left, we have a Basketball game, the sounds of ‘Shoot a 3’ and ‘Half Court, you wont’. The laughter is broken with a ‘oh come on man, that was a dick move’. Let's go over and see what it’s all about.

  • DO NOT: Assert your dominance by swatting the ball on someone half your size, stealing the ball from behind when they’re not looking or out of their hands. Full court pressing to get those defensive stats up & act as if you’re in the NBA (hot tip: they don’t even full court press 90% of the time).
  • DO: Take & encourage the 3 point & half court shots. Someone on a roll and dribbling towards to hoop? Give them space and let them give it a go. Half court defence is the best defence (why tire yourself out for no reason ya know?). Yelling out plays? No one thinks your cool.

🏉What’s that to our right? Touch Footy & ‘Untouched’ by The Veronicas blasting from the sideline. Hell yeah, lets go. Doesn’t take long on the sideline to notice the guy with backwards hat is really making an impression, not in the good way…

  • DO NOT: Notice a female on the wing, drive as hard as you can towards her, goose step left, no, goose step right, spin, burn her so hard she slips over, jump over her and sprint towards the sideline, TRY!
  • DO: Notice a female on the wing, keep running straight, you might be able to get around her, she slips over, stop running and help her up. Take the tap and start again from where you are. Not all heroes wear capes, or backwards hats..

As you can see, it really isn’t hard. Being a douchebag is not cool, especially in SOCIAL sport. If you need any more tips, hit us up, were always happy to help make douchebags less douchey.

This article was written by Leish Charters – League Manager, Canberra. 

If you would like to play non-douche bag sports with us, check out our leagues to get started. 

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Dress Up and Save your Team $100
Mar 16

Dress Up and Save your Team $100

March 16, 2022 - 2 months ago

The Autumn season is right around the corner and we want to give all current teams in the summer competition early entry to their league next season with a sweet discount.

We are making it super easy for your team to save money on registering for Autumn. All you need to do is get into theme and have fun with it.

  1. Dress in Bogan theme next week at your game (March 21 – 27)
  2. Take a pic of your team all dressed up
  3. Tag us on social media @urbanrecnewcastle with the #urbogan
  4. Your captain will get sent a secret link with $100 off team registration if your team do all of the above. Easy right!?

Here are the important dates:

  • March 21 - 27 - Dress up as a bogan at your game, take a pic of your team, tag @urbanrecnewcastle on social media with the #urbogan.
  • March 28 - April 4 - Teams that do the above will be sent a secret link on March 28 with $100 off team registration. Link expires on April 4.

It’s a pretty easy and fun way to save you and your team a bit of cash!

Urban Rec xx

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Urban Rec Wedding: Nick & Sophie
Feb 17

Urban Rec Wedding: Nick & Sophie

February 17, 2022 - 3 months ago

So, word has it you guys met through Urban Rec and are NOW MARRIED, how did that happen? What sport? What league? What situation?

We met in 2018 in the UrbanRec flag gridiron season in an individual team (our team is still playing today with a few new faces). Although the team were all strangers when we started playing we would usually go to the bar after each game to relive the highlights of the game and get to know each other. After a few weeks of this, Soph and I started messaging privately and not in the team's whatsapp and before I knew it we were on our first date. It was funny watching the rest of the team slowly catch on, the major give away was me no longer asking for lifts from everyone and consistently arriving with Soph.

One eerie detail we discovered later was how we both got into UrbanRec. I already knew of UrbanRec, previously playing in the indoor soccer league on the North Sydney Tennis courts. Soph however was new to it and discovered UrbanRec when her usual tennis partner was injured and couldn't play with her anymore. Looking for a new way to play sport she recalled seeing UrbanRec flags on the courts next to her when she would play at North Sydney. That's right, for about six months each Tuesday night, I would play soccer and Soph tennis on the courts next to each other. On top of that we independently moved to join the same team in the gridiron league. Small world.

How long have you been together and when did you get married? Tell us about your wedding?

We will be celebrating our 4 yr anniversary this year as well as our first year of being married. Our wedding was in June 2021, one week before the Sydney lockdown. We were extremely lucky because we were not only able to have our 80pax wedding with no restrictions, but also squeezed in a honeymoon to QLD before being locked down

With your dating history, is online or offline dating better or worse?

Neither of us have much experience with online dating so can't compare too well

Tell me why you think Urban Rec was the inevitable way for you to meet your hubby or wife?

I think the great thing about individual teams in UrbanRec is that it gets you out of your comfort zone and usual routine. It's a great way to meet new circles of people, friends and partners alike. In the same team I met Soph, we both became great friends with another couple and regularly catch up. They were even part of my groom's party.

Tell me one thing about your partner that would make them cringe for you sharing? I

won't fall for this trap

What's the secret sauce to making your relationship fun?

For us, we are both spontaneous and enjoy joking around. So trying new things and not taking things too seriously is a winning recipe for us.

Describe your partner in 3 words!

Spontaneous, empathetic and funny

If you could only play one sport with your partner for the rest of time, what would you choose and why?

Squash, we got into it recently and it has bought out the competitiveness in both of us. We are both pretty clumsy on the court but the games are very close

Lastly, tell others why you think meeting people and dating through Urban Rec is a good idea?

UrbanRec makes it easy to try new sports with no pressure to be good at them. Every individual team I've joined has had great people to become friends with that I would otherwise have never met.

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Urban Rec Lovers: Leish & Darcy
Feb 10

Urban Rec Lovers: Leish & Darcy

February 10, 2022 - 3 months ago

So, word has it you guys met through Urban Rec, how did that happen? What sport? What league? What situation?

We had known of each other from a mutual friend a year before Darcy started playing with Urban Rec. Darcy started in one of the Basketball Leagues and I didn’t really see much of him. He then joined one of the Netty Leagues and I started slowly stepping up my sideline banter whilst he was playing (telling him was shit at shooting 3s). Short story short, the banter got more and more & that turned into getting a drink, which turned into a second date and 2 weeks later we were officially dating. 

How long have you been dating? How serious is this? Living together? engaged? babies on the way?

Almost 14 months, basically lived together since COVID lockdown but officially roommates since December! No babies, Leish is impatiently waiting for a puppy…. 

Were you both using online dating apps before or when you met?

We were on them but both kind of weren’t that active with using them. A date here and there, a bored swipe every other day. Shits & Gigs. 

With your dating history, is online or offline dating better or worse?

OFFLINE! We both have old souls and think meeting the old fashioned way is the best way! Meeting organically is wayyy less pressure. 

Tell me why you think Urban Rec was the inevitable way for you to meet your current squeeze?

We didn’t know until it happened! Whilst we knew of each other before we definitely wouldn’t have started dating without UrbanRec! Like we said before, our old souls brought us together organically. It’s an easy, less stress way to meet to people and have genuine connections. 

Tell me one thing about your partner that would make them cringe for you sharing?

Darcy does ‘fake’ wrestling and his wrestler name is Hugh- Beauty  (I can hear him say ‘it’s not fake Leish’). Leish sometimes gives a little piggy snort when I make her laugh too hard 

What's the secret sauce to making your relationship fun?

We are definitely on the same wave length and have the same sense of humour. We’re constantly laughing and always never go to bed mad at each other, say I love you at least once a day! Also, never watch a tv show episode without the other person…

Describe your partner in 3 words!

Leish about Darcy: Nerdy, Gentle, Goofy. Darcy about Leish: Compassionate, Smiley, Social

If you could only play one sport with your partner for the rest of time, what would you choose and why?

 Basketball, all day, every day. We just have so much fun when we’re playing together, collecting dimes, shooting 3s and playing smart not hard (also known as not playing defence). 

Lastly, tell others why you think meeting people and dating through Urban Rec is a good idea?

It is the absolute best and easy way to meet people. There’s no pressure, you’re always having fun together & you’re being active. You never take yourself or each other too seriously and that’s the best part. Perfect bonding 

To find out more about signing up as an individual with Urban Rec, check out the FAQ’s!

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Celebrating Turning 10!
Jan 18

Celebrating Turning 10!

January 18, 2022 - 4 months ago

By Madeleine Wilkie, Managing Director. 

When Urban Rec turned 10 last year, we decided it was a milestone worth celebrating. Our 10-year anniversary was chosen as our original launch party which happened back in 2012. Embarrassingly, the event was a small group of friends who were promised free drinks… and looking back… it was a cringeworthy few hours.

But persistence pays off!  In the Summer of 2012, not even 1 team had registered to play in the upcoming season. Going into 2022, Urban Rec Australia boasts 4 cities, 265 leagues, 2,303 teams and thousands more individuals. This tiny side hustle has certainly grown some legs.

Throughout our 10th year, business is up 38%, which for a pandemic-prone business – is something we should be pretty proud of!  Over the years our humble team of  just 1 part-time founder is now employing 10 staff across all the cities.  

So during our second lockdown, I made us fix our thinking caps and we curated a collection of way that Urban Rec Australia celebrated turning 10.

We designed a 10-year logo. Inspired by the 90’s basketball era, the logo had to be fun and nostalgic. If sport is our bread, then beer us our butter, so it made sense to have a can of frothy Aussie inspired beer as the main character. After several iterations and a lot of hilarious feedback “Is it a condom, no, it’s a tennis ball can”. We finally landed on the below. Let’s call him Rick. Watch this space for more Urban Rick appearances.

Our 10 year anniversary logo!

We made our own 10-year anniversary beer! In collaboration with the fine folks at Freshie Beer Co, we were able to can and label 60 cases. The limited edition fresh pils were used as prizing for our members as well as a giveaway for our “Mad Monday” promotion. These cans will forever be kept as part of our Urban Rec historic museum.  

Our very own Urban Rec branded beer!

We got some vintage eskies and stubby holders. Merchandise is a fun part of what we offer and we knew we wanted to create some pieces that fit in with our Aussie Summer theme. So, vintage eskies and stubby holders seemed like the right idea. There were only ever 50 eskies made, and the stubby holders were designed in 2 colours and will never be printed again. They were used as prizes throughout our 10-day promotion.

Limited edition stubby holders!
Vintage coolers! Only 50 ever made. 

We hosted a 10-day promotion for our members. Turning 10 was about giving back to our members, some of which have played for the entire 10-year span. Each day we had a special giveaway, discount or event for our members to help us celebrate.

Our 10 day promotion included discounts for members!

Our 10-year boat party! – La Nina has really enjoyed ruining our Summer and this day was no exception. With a vision of our closest partners and staff in white linen sipping champagne as we cruise under the harbour bridge, sun beaming down - this was going to be the over-the-top, treat yoself celebration we all deserved. Instead, in true Urban Rec style… it absolutely pissed down. The winds whipped, the lighting cracked, and the drinks flowed steady and strong because we were all trapped inside a catamaran sized lightning rod. Proudly we cracked on with an afternoon of cancellations, interruptions, changes and too many shots of Fireball. The team at Urban Rec are not adverse to making fun out of unexpected and uncontrollable factors, and this event was no exception.  

Leish and Darcy still found a way to party!
A wet day on the harbour

So, as we embark on our full 10th year in business, I want to say a huge and special thankyou to all our members, players, staff and employees who have helped grow this brand in Australia to be something I’m very proud of. Here’s to the next 10 years!

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Urban Rec Australia Turns 10
Nov 29

Urban Rec Australia Turns 10

November 29, 2021 - 6 months ago

Happy Birthday to us! 

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Returning to sport with us

September 20, 2021 - 8 months ago

Return to sport, what does it look like!!?

Do we need to be vaccinated to play? 
The state government are imposing mandatory double vaccination for participation, making it illegal for unvaccinated members to participate in sports & recreation.We are working to ensure we have QR codes at every venue/field/oval etc to enable our members to check in for all games, this ensures we are meeting the government guidelines, and keeping you safe. Just as Pubs, cafes, restaurant etc have been doing for a while now.

When are we coming back? 
After analysing the most recent information provided by The NSW government, it is our aim to resume/launch leagues as soon as 70% statewide vaccination rate has been achieved. Our current programming has estimated this to happen around October 18. Key thing to note is the classification of “Adult Recreational Sport” vs “Community Club Sport”. Urban Rec is classified as an Adult Recreational Sports Provider, not a community sport club. The reason it is vital to differentiate between the two is the participation demographic. Urban Rec does not provide sport to Juniors/Children.State & Federal government health officials have deemed the return of community sport as higher risk due to the perceived dangers of high volumes of unvaccinated minors/juniors gathering to play sport. Hence the delayed return for schools and community sport.Urban Rec does not have the same perceived risk as community sport as all members are adults (18+) and each member will have to check in via QR code, which we expect will also include verified vaccination proof.

How will leagues be different?
 In addition to this, all gatherings (both indoor and out) will be kept to group size of maximum 20 members with the 4sqm rule never to be exceeded. (our sports field/courts provide much more than 4sqm per member, as we have to allow for player movement, for example using a netball courts dimensions and the 4sqm rule would allow 112 players, we allow 14.) Urban Rec will maintain all other previous measures including cleanliness of kits. 

I was playing with Urban Rec when we went into lockdown, what is happening to my games? 
If you were a current and participating member, your games will be scheduled to go ahead in line with Public Health Orders, and new personal Covid restrictions. There is a chance due to venue and facility availability, we will need to change locations for some of our leagues. Your schedule may be subject to change in the future as we welcome some new teams to join into your league if capacity allows. 

What if some of my teammates are not vaccinated? Can they still play when leagues recommence? 
This decision is going to be taken out of our hands and will be part of NSW Public Health Orders. The short answer is, no. You should look to replace these team members, and contact your League Manager if you have any issues. 

What if some of my teammates are not double vaccinated, can they still play when leagues recommence? 
This is something we are waiting on NSW Health to confirm and provide clarity on. 

I was not playing previously, but I would like to start -
Great! We have new leagues starting in October, November and December,  and there will be opportunities to join existing leagues where capacity allows us to get as many eligible members playing sport in a safe and social environment. 

Any questions please contact [email protected]
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Covid Response - August 2021 Update

August 26, 2021 - 9 months ago

UPDATED August 26

The NSW Government announced this morning that Regional NSW will be in further lockdown until September 10. This unfortunately means that we are unable to play sport until this date. Leagues have been put on hold until September 10 and schedules have been updated to show this.

We will be recommencing our Winter leagues to start September 13 and our Spring leagues are scheduled to start in later October.

Once the Government end the lockdown in Regional NSW, we will get in contact with all our Winter league participants.

UPDATED August 19

As you would have heard, Newcastle and all of Regional NSW is in lockdown until at least August 28.

Leagues have been put on hold until then and we are planning to play all games that have been scheduled for the winter season as soon as we are out of lockdown.

Once the Government clarify the end of lockdown for the Newcastle Region, we will then get in contact with you about when our winter leagues will be re-starting.

June 2021

While we are in Newcastle, we recognize there are a lot of people commute to Sydney for work or leisure, and due to the spike in COVID cases seen in the recent days in the Greater Sydney Region, we wanted to take a moment to explain our stance and response.

First off, please recognize that we are constantly monitoring the situation, and we are taking all of our directives from the State and Federal Governments and health agencies. This is a fluid issue that we are reacting and responding to with the best of our ability based on available information.


  • We will continue to be diligent with our COVID Clean Policy at all of our leagues.
  • During this period of uncertainty, we will not be issuing any Default Fees, as we respect each member’s choice as to whether or not they choose to take part in their game(s). That said, we do kindly ask that if you or your team are not planning to play in your game, you give us as much notice as possible to we can try to coordinate a friendly game for your opposition.
  • If the situation changes, we will react accordingly and will inform you ASAP.


  • Be diligent with your personal hygiene.
  • If you are feeling unwell, do not show up.
  • Do not attend our games if you have been in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains or Woollongong areas in the last 14 days.
  • If you have been to any of the locations listed by NSW Health, act accordingly.
  • Notify us ASAP if you are not coming to your game.

Thank you for your understanding!

Urban Rec

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4 PINES Charlestown
Jul 27

4 PINES Charlestown

July 27, 2021 - 10 months ago

Clubhouse/Sponsor Insight – 4 PINES

This year we started a new clubhouse partnership with 4 Pines Bar in Charlestown. The guys there are super keen to support community sport and totally vibe our ethos of playing sport, socialising and having fun.

The bar at Charlestown is wicked! It’s an awesome beer garden situated in The Corner at Charlestown Square surrounded by food vendors. You can order your food from any of the vendors in The Corner and then bring it back to enjoy in the beer garden. From Spring to Summer they also have live musicans playing every Friday or Saturday night.

As well as providing us with awesome giveaways at our events, they also offer all Urban Rec members 20% off at the bar. Next time your at Charlestown Square, grab a beverage and mention your an UR member to get your discount.

Their current promo is Free Delivery to surrounding suburbs. Sneak a peak at the promo they are running and enter 4 Pines family at the check out to get it delivered for FREE. HOW GOOD!?


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6 Week Leagues
Jul 21

6 Week Leagues

July 21, 2021 - 10 months ago

If you missed out on the start of the Winter season, you couldn’t get your teams act together and get around to registering before many of the leagues sold out well don’t worry you’re in luck! We are offering a 6 Week league for some of our competitions. 

The 6 week competitions are a great way to start your sport journey as you only have to commit to 6 weeks, the weather will start to warm up by the time the competitions start and you’ll be getting that summer body ready in Spring. Perfect!

Below is a list of 6 week leagues we are running at the end of winter.

Alot of these competitions only have 1 – 2 team spots in them and a handful of individual places available. If you’re keen, then either put down a deposit for your team ASAP or sign up as an individual below all the places go.

Click the link and register!

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