Default, Forfeit & Substitute Policy

This policy is intended as a deterrent.  While it is each team’s prerogative to decide whether or not to play each week, it is our expectation that as part of the agreement we make in allowing your team’s registration, we will allocate a space for your team in return for your team attending and utilizing that space to play against other teams.  When your team forfeits or defaults, another team is missing out on a game they have paid for. 


Occurs when a team is unable to provide a game to their opponent with the minimum required number of players within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of the game.  Simply speaking…default = no game is played.

After a default, the defaulting team is at risk of being removed from future competition.  The minimum number of players to avoid a default is specified in your respective league rules. 

What happens if my team defaults?

  • If your team defaults (i.e. does not provide a game to your opponent), you will be charged a $100 default fee, and your team is at risk of immediate removal from further participation in the league.
  • The default fee must be paid within 2 business days of the recorded default.

More info on default fees:

  • Default fees are required to be paid in full no later than 2 business days after the default game day.  The default fees collected will be distributed to the opposing team.
  • Urban Rec will make every effort to collect all default fees.  However, in the case that a team does not pay its default fee, they will be removed from the league and banned from further Urban Rec participation (hardcore).  In this situation, no compensation will be awarded to the teams that were victims of the default until the defaulting team pays the fee…i.e. we cannot pay out default fees until they are collected. 


Occurs when a team is able to provide a game to their opponent, but the forfeiting team requires the use of players within the same league (i.e. borrowing players from another team) to provide the minimum number and ratio of players for a game to be played.  Simply speaking…forfeit = game is played, but players are ‘borrowed’ from other teams in your league.

What happens if my team forfeits? There are 2 types of forfeits:

  • FORFEIT LEGIT: Occurs when it is a ‘forfeit,’ but the opponent agrees for the recorded score to be the actual game score.
  • FORFEIT FRIENDLY: Occurs when the game is a forfeit, and the opponent wants the score to be recorded as the ‘forfeit friendly’ score, as outlined below per sport.
    • Aussie Rules = 50 – 0
    • Cricket = 50 – 0
    • Basketball = 10 – 0
    • Dodgeball = 10 – 0
    • Flag Gridiron = 20 – 0
    • Hockey = 10 – 0
    • Multisport = 10 – 0
    • Netball = 20 – 0
    • Soccer = 5 – 0
    • Softball = 10 – 0
    • Street Soccer = 5 – 0
    • Touch Football = 5 – 0
    • Volleyball = 3 – 0

Regardless of if it is a ‘forfeit legit’ or a ‘forfeit friendly,’ the following steps will be taken:

  • The forfeiting team will receive a 3 for FUN Points.
  • 1st time a team forfeits -> WARNING #1
  • 2nd time a team forfeits -> A default fee of $100 is charged to the forfeiting team, and the team is at risk of immediate removal from further participation in the league.  The default fee must be paid within 2 business days of the recorded default.


Is it OK to bring substitutes? Of course, just make sure they become an Urban Rec member online, and acknowledge our Code Of Conduct and Waiver. Make sure you explain to any ring-in’s, that this is a social comp! You cannot borrow players from teams within your leaague, or it will be a forfeit! 

Is it OK to borrow players from other teams? If you do not have enough players to field a team according to your sport’s rules, you will need to forfeit. You can then choose to borrow players from another team, and play a friendly game.

If we forfeit, and still play a friendly, will we be forced to pay the fee? The 1st time your team forfeits, your team will be issued Warning #1, without a fee to pay.  If your team forfeits a 2nd time, you will be forced to pay the $100 default fee, and your team is at risk of being removed from the league for the rest of the season.

What about exceptional circumstances? Of course, if something has happened, please talk to us, and we will consider your situation. If we have enough notice we can do our best to ensure a friendly match is played.

Can we ask to have our game time moved, so we don't need to forfeit? We will do everything in our power to make sure you and your team can play your scheduled game. We have limitations with venue bookings, staffing, and sometimes rain and sunlight, so there is no guarantee we can do this.

The opposition have said we can borrow a player from another team, we don’t want to forfeit, is that OK? Your Event Host will work with both teams to ensure a fair and agreeable situation can be negotiated. We need to make sure both teams are comfortable with the decision before we agree to start the game. When in doubt, then a forfeit will be recorded, according to the above policies. It must be stated and decided clearly at the BEGINNING of the game if the game is going to be a ‘forfeit legit’ or a ‘forfeit friendly.’

What if I know in advance that my team can’t make it?

  • If 7 or more calendar days notice is given by a team, we will do our best to reschedule the game so that you do not miss out on a game. 
  • If you tell us prior to 5pm the day before your game, we will do our best to organise a friendly game and you will not need to pay the $100 default fee. 
  • If the team fails to provide a game (i.e. no game is played) = default, and a default fee is charged, and the defaulting team is at risk of being removed from further competition. 
  • If the team provides a game, but there are players from within the same league are utilized as subs = forfeit.