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Jul 24


July 24, 2020 - one year ago


This lovely group of people are amazing characters that turn up each week to play sport, get active and have a laugh but more importantly head to the Albion Hotel for a beverage afterwards. It is a rarity to not see these guys at the pub, playing pool, grabbing a bite to eat or just making the most of their free schooner vouchers. 

They are a complete success story of what our number one goal is at Urban Rec - getting people together to mingle with people they wouldn’t normally meet. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking that leap. They are often heading out to dinner or organising activities to do throughout the week and we absolutely froth it.

They all wear their red t-shirts with pride each week and Brendan, the captain of the team, is great at organising them and getting them to register back up every season. They are heading into their third season with us next week and we can’t wait to see what they wear during dress up round.

If you get the chance to play against them – you’re lucky – they won the fun points last season and are always a good laugh.

Shout out to Pat, Phil, Beth, Keira, John, Corey, Anastasia, Brit and Brendan for being such legends on and off the field. 

It can be daunting signing up as an individual, not knowing anyone or how the league works, but if this teams story is anything to go by, its definitely worth it!

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July 20, 2020 - one year ago

It is great to be back playing sport and are super excited for our COMEBACK SEASON to get started. If you are keen to get involved on your own or have a few mates that want to get together and sign up a team, have a look below at what sports are available and when they start.


  • Monday Night July 27 – SOLD OUT
  • Thursday Night July 23
    • 1 Team spot
    • Individual Team  – 2 male and 2 female spots available

Netball 🏐

  • Monday Night August 3 @ Cooks Hill
    • 3 Team spots
    • Individual Team – 4 male and 3 female spots available


  • Wednesday Night August 5 @ Cooks Hill
    • 1 Team spot
    • Individual team – 3 male and 3 female spots available

Street Soccer ⚽

  • Wednesday Night August 5 @ Maryville
    • 1 Team Spot
    • Individual Team – 4 male and 3 female spots available

Flag Gridiron 🏈

  • Wednesday Night August 5 @ Waratah
    • 3 Team spots
    • Indiviual team – 4 males and 4 female spots available.

Start organising what sport you are going to play this season and register before it is too late!

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Jul 6


July 6, 2020 - one year ago

To celebrate the recommencement of sport, we are hosting an online celebration. Introducing FLASH WEEK – For 1 week only, all of our leagues are $100 off TEAM REGISTRATIONS. BOOOOOM!! 

So...let us explain what that means for YOUThere are a few situations you may fall into.

  1. Pay a team fee in FULL during Flash Week = amazing; $100 off regular team fee
  2. My team has paid a DEPOSIT already = sweet...if you pay the remaining BALANCE during Flash Week, you’ll get $100 off the regular team fee. 
  3. My team pays a deposit during Flash Week = two options...if you pay the remaining BALANCE during Flash Week, you’ll get $100 off the regular team fee.  If you do NOT pay the remaining balance during Flash Week, the balance will be the normal team fee.

Other T&C’s

  • Flash week = 6/7/2020 till 13/7/2020. 
  • This sale is not applicable to individual players. (Team registrations only). 
  • All team registration prices will be automatically adjusted online to include the discount, you simply need to pay in this timeframe. Prices will increase back to normal after 13/7/2020. 

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.  We are so excited to see you all on the court, field, or pitch soon! <3

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