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What is Multisport?
Jun 17

What is Multisport?

June 17, 2021 - 3 months ago

The most common question we get asked is.. What is Multisport!?

It’s pretty simple really, you play multiple sports across the 10 week competition! There are two types of Multisport competitions that we run. Field Multisport which is played outdoors at Waratah Park and then we have Indoor Multisport which is played Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at Revolution Sports Park in Maryville.

The Multisport competition is for the individual or team that can’t commit or decide on just one sport. You play in the same team each week but your team wil rotate through the changing sports together. 

Indoor Multisport can include the following sports

  • Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor Soccer, Olympic Handball, Backyard Cricket, Benchball, Street Netball, Kickball, Street Basketball, Trampoline Dodgeball, Floor Hockey and Volleyball

Field Multisport can include the following sports

  • Touch Football, Soccer, Aussie Rules, Flag Gridiron, Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball

If you haven’t played sport in a while or are trying to work out which sport you like, then Multisport is your best option. The competition is full of very social people who are all there to have a good time, meet new people and get active doing it.

Have a look at all the multisport competitions we are running this season by clicking this link.

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