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Team of the Week - Average Joes

February 25, 2021 - one year ago

The Average Joes

What about them is worth writing about and honouring them with Team Of The Week if they are just average!!?

Well, they are pretty average on the field and they know it, and they have a good laugh about it, but what isn’t average about them is that they are one of the most fun teams across all our leagues. They are a very funny crew, they have won the Fun Point prize at least once and they make their opposition laugh every single game no matter what the sport is. The team is also well known for always putting in 100% effort to the dress up weeks.

These guys all started out as individuals back at the beginning of 2020 (before the pandemic), they didn’t know each other but it was obvious after their first game they were destined to be a team together. 

The team consists of many personalities Bryce is the silent assassin, always smiling even when he is in the midst of tackling someone in soccer and their captain Jill is the loudest on the team, whether it’s encouraging her team mates or screaming because the ball has come near her. Kate and Amber bring a solid skillset to the team with their all-round ability to play every single sport and Matthew, Chris and Stella are the constant members of the team, always turning up and giving the team that extra push when they need it on the field. Andy is the player in the team that will turn up and watch from the sidelines even when his injured and Jovana is so genuine always up for a chat and makes time to talk to everyone and anyone.

To all of the Average Joes – Jill, Andy, Kate, Amber, Bryce, Matthew, Chris, Stella and Jovana – thank you for making Thursday nights so fun for your Event Host, Riley and your opposition. 

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Clubhouse - Lambton Park Hotel

February 10, 2021 - one year ago

We are delighted to announce that Lambton Park Hotel are our local clubhose for our two outdoor leagues Field Multisport and Touch Football.

Both these sports are played at Lambton Park and the hotel is just a quick stroll across the road. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink or dinner after your teams game. You can sit in the beer garden looking over the park or take yourself  inside and enjoy the tastefully decorated pub.

When you sign up as a member with Lambton Park Hotel, make sure you mention you are with Urban Rec. 10% of every purchase on dirnks and food you make will go back onto your Lambton Park membership card and you can use the money at the end of the season to get yourself a cheap meal. How good!

Be sure to organise a few team debriefs after your game this season.

If you play in one of our leaguyes and are not too sure where the clubhouse is for you guys. Here is a list of all our clubhouses.

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