Your Main Responsibility as Captain
  • To ensure you and your team have the right number of players to field a team each week.
  • To let us know if your team cannot make a game for any reason by adhering to our default and forfeit policy
  • To enter the scores as well as fun points, after your game. 
  • To make sure your team are taking full advantage of all the fun events, specials, and extra perks we offer our members.

Maintaining your Roster

As a captain you need to make sure you have updated and added all of your players onto your team roster. This function invites your team mates to join the team via email. If they need to create an account and aknowlege the waiver thats part of the process. All players must have completed their online waiver to participate in any Urban Rec event. HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TEAM ROSTER

The Subs Page

This page is an excellent place to start when you are looking to fill a few spots. Almost all of the people on this page are already Urban Rec members, so you don't need to worry about a thing - just invite them along, tell them the colour your team wear, and you're done!

Urban Rec Newcastle Subs Page

Team Uniforms & Colours

As a team you do NOT need to choose a colour. You can easily opt to wear a BLACK and a WHITE strip that alternates depending on your opposition. If you want to choose a team colour, make sure you confirm with your League Manager to make sure another team haven't selected the same colour. 

entering your team scores and fun points online

After each of your games, you will recieve an email asking you to enter the score and your fun point rating. As a captain you are in charge of making sure this is entered correctly each week. If you forget, your Event Host does have a record from the night, but the power is really in your hands. Your opposing team have the option to agree with the score, or challenge it. If you DO NOT enter the fun point rating for your opposition, it will default to 5. 

Going for a drink at the local Clubhouse (pub time!)

Most our leagues have affiliated or non-affiliated clubhouses. We encourage you to get the crew together for a post-game de-brief. Take advantage of any Urban Rec specials or discount's they offer. VIEW THE URBAN REC CLUBHOUSES. 

Getting along to some of our social events

Our social events and tournaments are what makes us the best sport club in the country, and are also fundraisers for different charities and sporting bodies. Pick an upcoming event and invite your team! VIEW THE SOCIAL CALENDAR