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Covid Response - August 2021 Update

August 26, 2021 - 3 months ago

UPDATED August 26

The NSW Government announced this morning that Regional NSW will be in further lockdown until September 10. This unfortunately means that we are unable to play sport until this date. Leagues have been put on hold until September 10 and schedules have been updated to show this.

We will be recommencing our Winter leagues to start September 13 and our Spring leagues are scheduled to start in later October.

Once the Government end the lockdown in Regional NSW, we will get in contact with all our Winter league participants.

UPDATED August 19

As you would have heard, Newcastle and all of Regional NSW is in lockdown until at least August 28.

Leagues have been put on hold until then and we are planning to play all games that have been scheduled for the winter season as soon as we are out of lockdown.

Once the Government clarify the end of lockdown for the Newcastle Region, we will then get in contact with you about when our winter leagues will be re-starting.

June 2021

While we are in Newcastle, we recognize there are a lot of people commute to Sydney for work or leisure, and due to the spike in COVID cases seen in the recent days in the Greater Sydney Region, we wanted to take a moment to explain our stance and response.

First off, please recognize that we are constantly monitoring the situation, and we are taking all of our directives from the State and Federal Governments and health agencies. This is a fluid issue that we are reacting and responding to with the best of our ability based on available information.


  • We will continue to be diligent with our COVID Clean Policy at all of our leagues.
  • During this period of uncertainty, we will not be issuing any Default Fees, as we respect each member’s choice as to whether or not they choose to take part in their game(s). That said, we do kindly ask that if you or your team are not planning to play in your game, you give us as much notice as possible to we can try to coordinate a friendly game for your opposition.
  • If the situation changes, we will react accordingly and will inform you ASAP.


  • Be diligent with your personal hygiene.
  • If you are feeling unwell, do not show up.
  • Do not attend our games if you have been in the Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains or Woollongong areas in the last 14 days.
  • If you have been to any of the locations listed by NSW Health, act accordingly.
  • Notify us ASAP if you are not coming to your game.

Thank you for your understanding!

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