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August 5, 2020 - one year ago

Urban Rec has increased our prices this season, and we would like to take this opportunity to explain. 

As a club we have not increased our team fees since we first started back in February 2019. In that time every over-head associated with running our leagues and sports club have inflated beyond what is sustainable with the current registration fee rate. Although the fee increase to our members happened from one season to the next, the costs incurred to us as a club has been rising for years.

Individual registration fee:

On average the fee increase for a 10 week season has increased from between $10 – $19 for the entire 10 game season, in other words $1- $2 per game. We have also added the UR Draft that you get free access to. See below for more information about this new program.

The three most obvious overhead increases are court hire, staffing and insurances.

  • Court hire – Very simply the prices of fields and courts in Newcastle have increased. Venue hire is a competitive market, and these venue’s have a monopoly. We do our best to provide the best venues for you guys, but field and court hire has increased annually. What’s more we are one of the few clubs that will guarentee rained out, forfeited, or missed games are replayed. This is a cost we cost. 
  • Staffing – Our event hosts are paid fairly, and are a valued part of the team. We believe we have the best staff in the business, and we will always continue to reward them for their time and investment. 
  • Insurance  – Without insurance we are legally not allowed to operate, as the leagues grow, the member base grows, so do our insurance premiums. 

Although we are not technically a not-for-profit, our business model is run as such, with all profits re-invested in the club. We rely on volume and return customers - not high profits. 

We are really competitive when it comes to registration fees compared to the vast majority of our Industry. Our mission is to make sport accessible for everyone. 

The other stuff we do as part of your fees? Urban Rec likes to offer all kinds of free or discounted opportunities for our members, things like; UR Awesome, Pub Nights, discounts at clubhouses, free jugs seasonally, Pri-Rego Promo’s, FreePlay nights, and social events (which run without profit also). 


This is another perk that you now get when you sign up as an individual. Each Monday at 5pm we update the draft with a list of individual teams that need players for the season. Check out the link about the UR Draft for more information.

The bottom line is, we truly believe that what we deliver to our members exceeds any of our competitors in the sport and fitness industry – and we will always continue to offer value for money for our members. 

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