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10 reasons to play with Urban Rec
Sep 20

10 reasons to play with Urban Rec

September 20, 2019 - 2 years ago

  1. Making NEW friends! As we get older, it gets harder to make new friends and meet people outside of technology and the workplace. Sign up to any individual team in any of our leagues and you will be placed into a team of other individuals who are looking to stay fit and be social.
  2. Variety! Whether you love the standard sports of basketball and soccer or are looking to try new sports like dodgeball and Aussie Rules 7s, we have a range of sports to suit each person. We have launched a heap of sports this spring including Multisport, Dodgeball, Soccer, Aussie Rules, Backyard Cricket, Softball, Flag Gridiron and Basketball. Whatever you are interested in… we got you covered!
  3. Health and Fitness! You know that thing doctors are always going on about…. Get your cardio and fitness kick without the tedious gym, treadmills and evening runs. You’ll be surprised at how much you are sweating when you come off the field – all while having a laugh!
  4. No Dickheads! Playing sport in Australia traditionally is all about getting that win. Teams still do win and lose at the end of the night, BUT, we have a strong no dickheads policy. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to play sport in a supportive and friendly environment. Everyone plays to have fun, winning comes second.
  5. Clubhouses. Each of our leagues is associated with a local pub. Each week the pub gives away vouchers to enjoy after your game with your team. Some of these include schooner vouchers, jug vouchers and pizza vouchers. We have organized this with the clubhouses to give your team an incentive to go to the pub and chat after your game. Is there a better reason to go than freebies?? We think not. 
  6. Fun Points. We want to make sure our leagues are free of aggressive and rude peeps so each week your team will score your opposition out of 5 for how fun they were to play against. Were they fair? Were they good sports? Did they invite you to the pub afterwards? The team with the highest fun points at the end of the season gets a $100 voucher from the clubhouse.
  7. End of season parties and tournaments. Playing sport is fun but so is socialising - that’s why we’ve mixed them together. In some leagues we offer end of season tournaments – these are FREE for teams who have registered and often include a dress up theme and giveaways! Trust us – it’s often the crowd favourite of the season.
  8. Individual Registration. This is what we do best. Getting 6 of your mates together to commit is hard work and then organising the cashola is difficult and sometimes awkward. We do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is pay for your own registration and then we add you to a team of other individuals who are looking to play in that league as well. We make sure the team has a captain and enough people in the squad so your team doesn’t have to forfeit or stress about players. Individual registration is also great if you are new to Newcastle and want to play solo or with 1-2 mates.
  9. Portal access – Once you become a member of Urban Rec and sign up to a league you will have all the information at your fingertips. This includes the schedule for the comp, ladders and contact details.
  10.  Personable Staff- Referees are a thing of the past and we pride ourselves on not having referees, we have amazing EVENT HOSTS instead. Event Hosts are there to make sure everyone knows the rules of the sport, is having a good time and are there to answer any questions players might have. Our leagues are SOCIAL so you don’t need a referee making every call on the field – there’s a strong honesty policy too, with the event host there to make the hard calls if you can’t agree. Each league also has a league manager dedicated to that particular sport.
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