Uniform Policy

When you register to play with Urban Rec, each team is given the opportunity to select a team colour. That means the team will play in that colour for the entire season. Your League Manager will work with you to make sure no two teams have the same colour. Please don’t order any jerseys until you have  approval from your League manager for your chosen colour. 

If your team would not like to select a team colour, you may choose to bring a black, and a white shirt each week, and alternate as required. 

Individual players need to bring a black, and a white shirt to their first game. After this the team can decide what colour they would like to play in.

It’s very important your team all wear the same colour, especially in sports like Soccer and Football. If your team do not turn up in the same colour one week, you may incur a penalty point taken from your fun points. 

Urban Rec also has a merch store for our members to be able to purchase team tee’s in seasonal colours. 

Visit Urban Rec’s Merch Shop Coming soon