Individuals' Teams Policy

Urban Rec provides individual team spaces in almost all of their leagues. We make it very simple for you. Register yourself, and we will match you with a team. 

  • If we have enough of both genders register for the league, we will form a team. 
  • Sometimes, if a team is 90% formed, we will still enter the team into the league, and find additional players in weeks 1-2.
  • Urban Rec reserves the right to add as many players as we deem reasonable to a team list. 
  • If you are registering with a friend you should do so soon after registration opens, so you can ensure you are entered on the same team. If your team has sold out, and your friend did not register in time, please contact us, to see if we can facilitate. 
  • If your team decides to register as individuals, Urban Rec cannot guarentee your team list will be maintained. You may also have additional players assigned to your team. 
  • Once your team has been formed, you will nominate a Captain, and operate as a normal team. 
  • If players do not show up for the first two weeks of their game, and do not notify Urban Rec or their team mates, Urban Rec can choose to replace the individual on the team, with no refund. 

Urban Rec also partners with Just Play who offer premium individual team registration, and mangement for most of our sports leagues, and locations.