Royalty Program

Play as a team for 3 consecutive seasons then return in the next season, and captains will receive 10% off during the priority registration period. That’s up to $130 extra cash for you and your team to enjoy. Your loyalty, makes you Urban Rec Royalty.

Yes, as long as you register during priority rego week for the 4th season.

Yes. Go you, very organised. 


No, it is a program for teams, the active captain in the 4th consecutive season will hold the power to register using the discount. 


Yes, the discount will be applied to your balance. If you forgot to enter the promo code for your deposit, we cannot apply the promo code to your balance payment.

You are about to start again in your “Play 3, get 1 at 10% off” journey! Your new royalty card will be blank and ready for your first gem.

Sorry, no.

No, this loyalty discount is only applicable for teams who played in 3 consecutive seasons and who have not skipped a season going into their 4th season

No, the discount will only be applicable in your 4th consecutive season, during priority rego. 

Yes, so long as you are playing in consecutive seasons, you can claim it in your 5th season. 

The returning team's eligibility is classified by the local management. Generally over 50% of your team must be the original members from the previous season to be considered returning. Urban Rec reserves the right to decide if your team is eligible for royalty discounts.

Not necessarily, but if you win fun points or you’re the league champs, expect epic prizes!

Yes, teams and captains being part of the royalty program is at the discretion of Urban Rec management.

Captains will be communicated with via email and potentially face to face to ensure they don’t miss out on the priority rego period. The even better news is that priority registration is open to teams before the general public, so your team space is guarenteed.

Teams can register at any point during their initial 3 seasons to be eligible (they do not have to have used priority registration during their first 3 seasons). 

Returning teams are classified by local city management, generally, team rosters need to be made up of 50% of the same players in the past season to be considered returning. 

Captains assigned from the most recent season must be responsible, and the captain must use the secret priority rego link assigned to them to claim the discount 

This program is eligible from 2024 and beyond. Management has the right to refuse royalty program at their own discretion. 

Your League Manager will notify you of your “Royalty” status in the captain's welcome pack at the time of registration each season.

Leading into your 4th consecutive season, captains will be reminded of their status! 

Captains will be required to email their League Manager to get access to their own unique one-time code for use during the priority rego period